Friday, August 17, 2007

The buttons

This was one way that we thought we could introduce the idea (or at least the word) of HOMEGROWN to people in New York City. Serendipitously, I got hooked up with Mia at The Green Apple Festival (look it up – good stuff). Mia is a punk rock girl from back in the day. She dropped the name of my favorite band within the first few minutes of meeting (The Melvins), we like the same heavy metal bands, too, so I think she’s aces.
Anyway, Mia had a list of volunteers in the New York area who could help us spread the word, so we put together a plan for folks to go to the Green Markets in Union Square, Park Slope, and Montclair, NJ. “Ask them a few questions,” I told them. “Like ‘why do you come to the market’? And ‘What does HOMEGROWN mean to you?’ ”.
As a reward, we wanted to give these wonderful people something fun to take with them. Something to express that they are HOMEGROWN and proud.

How are you HOMEGROWN and proud?

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