Friday, July 20, 2007

Corn salutations!

I look at all of the food talk out there: 30 minute meals, food summits, artisanal cooking, celebrity chefs, etc. and I think – I’m nowhere NEAR being an expert on food or cooking – I’m merely a devoted fan. If I were to draw a parallel, it would be a yoga one. I’ve been doing yoga for close to ten years and every day I practice – I don’t master. In the realm of cooking, an expert chef like Mario Batali is my yogi and I am his student.
I am an expert on eating corn on the cob, however. I have perfected the most efficient and fruitful method of eating it - across typewriter style until there is a strip too wide for one chomp, yet too small for its own typewriter row, then finish with rolling the cob forward and back. No sweet, tender kernel left behind. This wisdom has only come from years and years of practice (and a healthy obsession with efficiency).

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